Level Pay Plan

Level Pay is an excellent program for anybody who wants to avoid a large propane bill at the time of a delivery.  Level Pay is very simple:  your annual propane usage is estimated and used to determine an approximate annual expenditure.  That amount is divided into 12 equal payments that you send in over the course of the year.  The benefit of enrolling in this program is you don’t ever incur a finance charge, as long as your estimated payments are received each month.

The beauty of this program is that there is no initial set-up fee or cost; AND the sooner you enroll, the smaller your monthly payments have to be to ensure you are current all winter long.  In addition, we have various methods of payment to fit your bill paying preferences: check, credit card, or automatic deductions.

At Clallam Propane, we sincerely want to make each heating season one that you can comfortably afford.  Call the office anytime, Monday through Friday between 9 am to 5 pm, to get enrolled in the Level Pay Program immediately.  It’s the easy and efficient way to manage your propane expenses year around.

Our number one goal is satisfied customers, so please don’t hesitate to call if there are any questions we can answer or details we can clarify regarding your account.